“Forty Acres” by Dwanye Alexander Smith

“Before You Judge Me Make Sure You Your Are Perfect”

I strongly encourage you to memorize these words before you read the Thriller Forty Acres.  Warning: Zero Tolerance For Tunnel Vision, but you can think “out the box”

Who is the author that had the “audacity” to write a novel that freezes the past and suggest “what if”. Who is this person that translates his boldness in print? I mean really! has there been a longing for the black race to stop talking about the atrocity’s of slavery and reparations? I am still trying to accept, heal, and not hold the white race hostage to the past. I was totally blind sided by this novel that came out of no-where. It’s one of those “hurts so good” emotions that wants me to have one of those in-depth conversations with me, myself and I. There is a question on the table, not the answer.

“People Who Shine From Within Don’t Need The Spotlight”

Dwayne Alexander Smith is definitely the origin of this quote.  IYBC had the honor and pleasure to have a “Diverse Dialogue With Passion” with Dwayne. The conversation was extreme, intense, and humorous which took place on my cell phone, because “Skype” was just not cooperating. No problem we just kept it moving.

There are so many challenges when I read The Thriller Forty Acres. It begs the word forgiveness to be logical. If I flip the script am I a racist?  This is strange to me. I am prepared to talk about my “conscience” you know that part of me that exist but I don’t have to take responsibility for, it just exist in my spirit. Don’t get me wrong I am a “feeling” person. I know right from wrong. Will the bitterness and hatred regurgitate, because I am obese on forgiveness.  Have I talked myself into believing if I had the opportunity for five minutes and no was looking I could make a least one white person pay for the rapes,lynchings, murders the HUMILIATION oh let me stop because society will judge me. It is 2014 get over it we Barack Obama is president. all  is well. ok

The truth of the matter is that I have never felt revenge or hatred. I was to busy feeling the pain, hurt and cries of my ancestors. I could have been born in slavery, but I had the blessing of being born in 1961. I was told I was young, gifted and black. an American.

I was born free.

When I translate the word forty in dollars is $40.00. why don’t we write the fourty which makes sense because the number 4 is spelled four. The word” for” is a preposition that precedes a noun or pronoun to show the relationship to another word in the sentence. The word preposition comes from the idea of being positioned before.

I thank Dwayne Alexander Smith for this prolific novel. It is reminds to stay on the journey that makes me responsible for my own happiness. I don’t have time to be bitter or revengeful. I can’t feel guilty of being born free when so many were not. I will give the “black rage” that I feel at times to God. I as a human being can’t carry that burden. I want to stop and thank all of people who have made a positive impact on my life. The color of their skin is not important. They were there “for” me. I can only wrap my emotions in love when I think of my ancestors and I will be the first to say for the person that “raped” their life I am sorry. I will not let your life be a “blurb” I will live mine so that your is “postioned” in purpose, respect and excellence. Only “for” you I live free.

You see at this point the color of my skin or gender is not important.

Black people are a race of people who have been in position “for”and before our time. That proves we are not a mistake. I will position myself “for” peace, love and yes forgiveness keep the change it is only  $Forty Acres”



















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