“The Sacred Place” a novel by Daniel Black

“Enoch fell to his knees in front of the rocker and laid his head in his father’s lap. Jeremiah lifted Enoch’s head and pulled it into his chest, and the two cried years of pain and love suppressed”

“Enoch I want you to tell dis boy what he mean to you. Tell him right now” Jeremiah insisted. “What” Enoch said feeling awkward.

“You heard me son. Dis boy is bout to be a man and you don’t know what’s ’bout to happen’ round hyeah in de next few days. But one thang fu sho-make him know what he mean to you. Make him know it”

Hello IYBC,

I hope you all have enjoyed reading “The Sacred Place” by Daniel Black a phenomenal author who has the gift of writing that saturates your spirit. I am in still in a state of  bewilderment. I have simply fell in love with this book all over again, I read it two years ago, and it has challenged my conscience. Jeremiah was the character that I saw myself in. The best is yet to come, because we are always growing, age is just a number.

When I read page 124  to page 127, It made me think of the relationships of fathers and their sons. The “media” and society are always telling us what is wrong with the black male. Everyone has their opinion in which they are entitled to. In all of the “madness” no one really has the answer.

I wonder what would happen if every father just did what Jeremiah and Enoch did?

As I was reading these pages I felt a sense of peace and comfort, a moment of clarity. It was enough. This is an answer I can live with, Before” reality” has a chance to question my thoughts, I quickly ask, ” I wonder what would happen if every father did what Jeremiah and Enoch did ?  and before “reality” try’s to validate  it’s perception of reality , I  will travel back in the pages of ” The Sacred Place”


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