Husband 101 “The Antcipated Sequel To Wife 101” by A’ndrea J. Wilson

Eric Hayes is man with too many women in his life. As A bachelor, he loved all of the attention, but now being a married man, he quickly realizes that he cannot please more than one woman at a time. Succumbing to the pressure, Eric takes a course at his wife’s church to become better equipped for the bittersweet realities of  marriage: Husband 101. The course ends up being more than he bargained for and for his role and actions as a man are put to the test, one that he struggles to pass. Unable to keep everyone satisfied, Eric’s picture perfect life begins to crumble even before he can make it to his first anniversary. Will he heed to good advice and put into practice the lessons that can salvage his family, or will pride and self-reliance guarantee his fall?

Hello IYBC,

Please show your support on 19 September 2013 6:30 pm at The Augusta Richmond County Public Library 823 Telfair Street Augusta, GA 30901.

Rufus Burdette will be our facilitator for the evening

The author A’ndrea J. Wilson will be skyping in for this dynamic discussion.

Thank you for your support and commitment to IYBC.


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One Response to Husband 101 “The Antcipated Sequel To Wife 101” by A’ndrea J. Wilson

  1. chocolateamethyst says:

    Hello IYBC,

    What a dynamic evening of “Diverse Dialogue With Passion” Husband 101 brought out the best of the IYBC men and women. The conversation was a mixture of intense opinion and experience.

    A’ndrea was there in “skype” to narrate and referee(LOL) the discussion as we discovered that at the end of the day we are all works in progress.

    Thank you IYBC for bring your own reality to “Husband 101″
    A special thanks to Rufus who facilitated this discussion with first class” candor”

    We thank you A’ndrea for your infinite wisdom on “relationships”.

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