“The Unlikely Remnant” by Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggets

Hello IYBC,

The Unlikely Remnant by Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggets is dynamic story about four different people, all alleged Christians, who find themselves locked inside a North Philadelphia church AFTER the Rapture.

Faye: She sits on the board of a prominent AME church. She has spent 40 years of her life working for the Lord.

Chad: He is a super-conservation radio talk show host and political pundit. He enjoys riling up the masses about issues related to race, gender and class.

Jeremiah: He is a popular televangelist. The charismatic pastor of a popular mega-church, he is celebrated for his knowledge of scripture.

Rosa: She is a single mom. An English teacher in the catholic school she grew up in, she is a survivor of domestic abuse.

More than left behind, the characters in “The Unlikely Remnant” are left to deal with the personal truth and tragic secrets that led them to literally missing God all while wrestling with the prejudices that inevitably surface in their relationships with each other. “The Unlikely Remnant” posits the impossible question– Are you really ready?–in a way that is both thought-provoking and powerful. Believers and unbelievers alike will find themselves enthralled by the characters and their quest for understanding and restoration in the midst of great turmoil.

IYBC Please show your support as we welcome the author of “The Unlikely Remnant” Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggets in a “skype” IYBC discussion on 18 July 2013 at 6:30pm.

We will meet at the Augusta Richmond County Public Library  823 Telfair Street Augusta, Ga  30901. We will be in the auditorium on the first floor.




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One Response to “The Unlikely Remnant” by Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggets

  1. chocolateamethyst says:

    Hello IYBC,

    This for me was one of the most intense but fun discussions I have been in a while. This book “The Unlikely Remnant” puts your own life at attention. The twist and turns are about you.

    IYBC and I thank you Tracey for skyping in with us. I know it took courgage and inspiration to write this book. The characters are so real, they allow you in to their thoughts. but all of us have felt some of these emotions at one time or another. This is a book that each time you read it you will learn something from it each time. It is truly a master piece

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