“What Looks Like Crazy On A Ordinary Day” by Pearl Cleage 16 May 2013

In a remarkable debut novel that sizzles with sensuality, crackles with life affirming energy and moves the reader to laughter and tears,author Pearl Cleage creates a world rich in character, human drama and deep compassionate understanding.

After a decade of luxury living in Atalanta, Ava Johnson has returned to tiny Idlewild, Michigan–her fabulous career and power plans smashed to bits on one dark truth: Ava has tested positive for HIV. But rather than a sorrowful end, her homecoming is a new beginning. Because , in ten-plus years since she left, all the problems of the big city have invaded the sleepy community of her childhood. Because dear friends and family sorely need her help in the face of impending trouble and tragedy, Ava cannot turn her back on them. And because more importantly, Ava Johnson is inexplicably and undeniably falling in love.

Hello IYBC,

Please show your support on 16 May 2013 6:30 pm at

The Augusta Richmond County Public Library 823 Telfair St. Augusta, Ga 30901

I will present “What Looks Like Crazy On A Ordinary Day” by Pearl Cleage.

I thank you in advance for support and commitment to IYBC


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One Response to “What Looks Like Crazy On A Ordinary Day” by Pearl Cleage 16 May 2013

  1. chocolateamethyst says:

    Hello IYBC,

    “What Looks Like Crazy On A Ordianry Day” by Pearl Cleage is a must read, this novel is not just one of your everyday soap opera romances. The novel is timeless and paints a picture of the society that we live in. It will have you laughing and crying at the same time. I promise you. It is a novel than men and women will enjoy. It does get “edgey” with some adult content, but quickly moves past the language.

    I chose this novel because I enjoy books that are about the world we live in. It is grounded in truth and facts that support a world that people are challenged with HIV, child abuse, infidelty ect. I am sure you will find a family member, neighbor, friend or two as you journey through this book

    This novel is about personal responsibilty.

    You get to make the choice, but you can’t choose the consequence. It is about second chances and not letting your mistake validate your future. ” I will Love Again” It is also about a man that is secure with himself and has stared down his demons, he welcomes love into his life, no it is not perfect but he knows the luggage so baggage is a none issue.

    This novel put the “church” on notice, do you really care about the community and the people?
    What is your story.? Who are you? What are you hiding?
    Drug addiction and child abuse will always be a factor with humans, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I look forward to your comments as we blog along with

    “What Looks Like Crazy On A Ordinary Day” by Pearl Cleage.

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