“Running From Solace” Nakia R. Laushaul February 21, 2012

” I just read Theodore’s post about why he chose Running from Solace. Men usually have a hard time with this book. His response moved me. I think I’d like to join your meeting live. call me when you get a chance so that we can discuss it.”



Hello IYBC,

It’s my pleasure with extreme excitement that Ms. Nakia R. Laushaul will be here on February 21, 2013 at 6:30pm 823 The Augusta Richmond County Public Library 823 Telfair St. Augusta, GA 30901 to discuss her book Running from Solace. I am simply mesmerized with anticipation.

IYBC this is a “treasure” lets start getting the word out, and I thank you for your support and committment to IYBC as we welcome Ms Laushaul from Houston, Texas to Augusta, GA.

Those of you that have read the book and are still reading know that this will be a “Diverse Dialogue With Passion” which is the only way IYBC has a discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2 Responses to “Running From Solace” Nakia R. Laushaul February 21, 2012

  1. Thank you so much Nakia for taking the time to come and talk about your book. It was such a pleasure talking to you and I can’t wait for the insight and fire that you will bring with you. We are so honored.

  2. Nakia R. Laushaul says:

    I am looking forward to meeting you all. This is going to be one interesting discussion and the honor is mine to join you.

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