“Running From Solace” by Nakia R. Laushual

Hello IYBC,

“Running From Solace” promises to be excellent read.  I asked Theodore why did he choose this book?  This book is intense.  This is Theodore’s answer to my question.

” I have selected “Running From Solace” by Nakia R. Laushaul as the book I will present to the group in February. Choosing this was not an easy choice. The five-star reviews did not match the sample reading(chapter one only). Most will find(to include myself) “Running From Solace” to be a difficult read. As a loving parent this book deals with issues that most have trouble talking or reading about these things. Toward the end I found this to not be only be a must read but a “must” to complete reading. As you read this book I promise you that the characters will make you laugh, cheer, cry and pray. “Running From Solace” is a roller coaster of a read and you will be glad you stayed the course. I look forward to joining the group on 21 February 2013 at the Augusta Library at 6:30pm as I facilitate ” Running From Solace” I am sure you will feel that it is very much worth talking about.”


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