“The Noose On The Black Community” Christopher Sullivan 17 January2013 6:30pm

“I realize if I am going to defend myself in this world, it would be against another black male”  Christopher Sullivan

“The Noose On The Black Community” sheds light on the truth of what is holding many black communities down during the present time. When ever a noose is pulled, it brings about asphyxiation and ultimately death. During earlier times in our history, this same noose was used to implement fear, hatred and death,… but now there is a new noose carrier.  This noose carrier is none other than the black man.

For years many black communities have been held hostage to crime, drugs, and other criminal activities that doesn’t improve communities, but these activities choke the hope and life away from the possibilities that could exist. If those men that are involved with the numerous homicides that we see year in and year out aren’t to blame, then who are we to blame?  This is what propelled me to write “The Noose On The Black Community” Too often times the number of homicides that we see within the black community are not only black on black crime, but there’s no voice loud enough to prohibit these type of crimes. Is it because successful black males care to little to give back by way of educating younger black men to prevent such criminal activity? Is there any money in saving black men? Or do we expect others to save us from a demise in which we conjure up, but have an expectancy to be saved from something we ourselves refuse to acknowledge.

Christopher Sullivan is a native of Augusta, GA. He has always been involved in promoting higher education for youths. he is an active Youth Speaker, and was head of the Educational department at Waynesboro Deliverance Church where he tutored Mathematics and Spanish. He is a certified mentor through the Youth Challenge Program and is also licensed through Georgia Mentoring Services.

After taking a closer look at the robberies, murders, and drug activities that are affecting and destroying families throughout the CSRA, he realized that these experiences of hate intimidation and fear were similar to what the” noose” from the past meant for many Blacks. From this standpoint, he named his first book “The Noose On The Black Community”

Hello IYBC,

We have the honor and pleasure of hosting this “phenomenal” author Christopher Sullivan. He will share with us an evening of ” Diverse Dialogue With Passion” as he takes us on a journey of prolific conversation on his book “The Noose On the Black Community”

Please show your support on 17 January 2013 at 6:30 pm at The Augusta Richmond County Public Library 823 Telfair St. Augusta, GA 30901

The IYBC is always open to men and women, please invite family and friends.

I thank you in advance for your support and commitment.


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