“The Sweet Everlasting” Judson Mitcham

Hello IYBC,

Susan and Ellis have married, what do you think about how Ellis feels about their marriage, I reference his comment about ” I ain’t saying I was a piece of junk, but inside I was all broke up. He compares himself to the broken glass Susan and her Aunt Lenora would put back together, ” I could see Susan doing that, I could sure see it.

IYBC  Ellis seems to have some insecurities before he married Susan?

His father died  of a stroke, his mother turned to alcohol, in the middle of one her “stupor” she thought he was her husband – so she tried to have sex with him, he was shamefully aroused, but they woke up the next as if nothing happened?

Do you think these “spells” Ellis was having were anxiety or panic attacks?

Ellis has uncle his name is Mack, he is a racist, but he did not raise a hand to help Ellis and his mother, but when he found out the Cutt’s family, is doing what he should have naturally done he call them “monkey’s” to put it mildly.

Ellis and Uncle Mack had an argument about racism? IYBC what are your thoughts?

As Ellis is telling us his story, do you think he is delusional? he is seventy-four years of age, he was in prison six years, he had these “spells” does these issue’s compound his creditability to tell his story in truth or his reality?





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