“The Sweet Everlasting” Judson Mitcham ( The Voice Of Ellis) by HoneyBadger

Hello IYBC,

This a post that was written by “HoneyBadger” titled:  “The Voice Of Ellis”

She is a member of the “Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club”

Ellis tells his story in a unique voice I recognize. I am reminded of the elderly people in my life whose stories have no real beginning, middle, or end. They look everything as it was yesterday and they contemplate life’s events and the impact each event may have had on their lives.

Is it obvious that Ellis has many regrets to the reader?

Why is he is prison? And why does he start his story just has he gets out of prison?

Does the time changes in times( Ellis as a boy, a young man, a married man, and an old man) contribute to the overall climate or tone of the story? Is our lives a linear progression? Or could that one mistake that happened 20-30 years previous be the ultimate cause for our current state?

Finally, what is it about Ellis wife (Susan) that others see but Ellis does not? She is treated poorly by many people in the beginning of the book. The boys at the fair ground, the ladies she works for talk to her rudely.

Ellis has no family or friends and Susan seems to have no family or friends. I am hyper-aware pf their isolated life. They have the neighbor and eventually WD-but there seem to be no other close connections.

I am impressed with the way the author shows the separation of races-and the separation between the classes of people. The chapter where the hog is slaughtered and roasted is a cleverly crafted scene that shows that race was not the only thing that separated people. Even the little white girl could not sit on porch steps of Mr.Stillwell’s house.  With just a look Mr. Stillwell’s was able to communicate to the mother that the child was in the wrong place.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the title “Sweet Everlasting” ? I know that it’s a wildflower, but to me has biblical tone.


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One Response to “The Sweet Everlasting” Judson Mitcham ( The Voice Of Ellis) by HoneyBadger

  1. chocolateamethyst says:

    IYBC what are your thoughts? This is a excellent read, it has many twist and turns that questions your own conclusion????????????????

    Enjoy, I look forward to your thoughts.

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