“The Five Love Languages”, The Secret to Love That Last” Gary Chapman

Hello IYBC,

This is an article written by Donna Labermeier “Do You Love Yourself? I feel there are a couple of key points I would like to share.

Realize you are whole:  If we are looking for someone  or something outside ourselves to complete us, we will inevitably be disappointed, for wholeness can be experienced only with the self. If parts of you feel incomplete, send love to them and think about where the sense of incompleteness comes from. Reflect upon actions you could take and attitudes you could change to feel whole within. You are whole and complete right now this very moment. So Keep in mind that you want to know what the future holds, sometimes you totally miss the present moment you supposed to behaving and experiencing.

Beep. Beep.Beep. Back it up:  We have to allow others the right not to accept our love. Sometimes we expend a lot of energy that doesn’t seem to be returned in kind. We may be trying to reach a certain person to get his or her attention, gratitude, or love only to be ignored or even rejected completely. When this happens take a step back and examine  why we continue to give our best to those who are neither ready nor willing to accept it. Love and connectedness can come to us only when the other person desires the same think and is open, not closed to our energy.

If we experience repeated love blockages in a relationship, we first need to withdraw our energy from it so that it can breathe and we can heal. Then we need to reconnect to our inner strength and reaffirm our love value, our goodness, and our right to genuinely loving relationships. Are your relationships generally fulfilling and energizing or frustrating and draining? is there anyone in your life who is not accepting the energy you are sending? If so ask yourself why you continue to put out the energy and engage in an uneven exchange? Allow the person the right not to receive your energy and reflect upon where you could better direct your effort. Learn the secret of how much to give and receive in your relationships.

IYBC I feel these are some excellent points that we need check ourselves on before we can  appreciate and learn from the “The Five Love Languages” I am all for books that are written to help us understand how we can effectively communicate in a relationship, but we  must do our personal home work first and always. If we don’t, we cheat ourselves, spouses, “significant other” Simply saying” don’t ask anyone to check your baggage if you are not willing to carry your own luggage”



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