2nd Year Anniversary “It’s Your Book Club”

Hello IYBC,

I am looking forward to seeing all of you on 19 July 2012 6:30 pm at The Augusta Richmond County Public Library 1st floor auditorium. Augusta, GA 30901.

“It’s Your Book Club is successful because each of you are present every 3rd Thursday each month at the Main Library. We are men and women who harmoniously agree to disagree on our views with respect and love for each other. We get together to relax as we talk and debate a book that  puts all of us on “front” street. We open up our past, feelings, and opinions as we “Dialogue With Passion” Each book brings out a “person” in us we never knew or acquaints us back to “oh yeah” I can relate to that. The two and half hours we spend with each other is more than a “book club”, think about it. Why would men and women who work, have families and a host of responsibilities take the time to read a book, that a another member chooses, blog on our website about the book, and then facilitate the IYBC meeting. We then take the time to meet with IYBC members once a month at the library for a  healthy, adult conversation that grows with intensity as each member speaks on their point of view with conviction. That is IYBC at it’s best and always above the standard, as we respond with peace and love.

We are intellectuals that know books emulate and imitate life and have a desire to learn and grow from a journey that only a book can take you on.

IYBC members just want to know if you enjoyed the “ride” as much as I did. The IYBC only exist because of your support and commitment to dialogue, learn, listen with open hearts, with lips that encourage, ears that hear your “story” we ask the question “are you feeling me?” ” I have something to say”, “It’s been on my mind for a minute” ” I respectfully disagree with your comment”. IYBC we are book club that realize “like” minds see quality when a group of men and women meet, it will always resonates that every now and then we need each other even if takes a book club.

Thank you for two  years of quality ,excellence, and support. I am humbly grateful.

Happy  2nd Year Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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