“Infidel” Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hello IYBC,

What must we as Christians, as individuals or a church or a nation, do in this struggle with Islam” are we morally responsible to do something about these obviously immoral practices of Islam?

IYBC  just because Ayaan Hirsi Ali may speak out about the atrocities against women, but some are comfortable with their status, so to them they are not mistreated, or is Ms Ali addressing the women that this “culture ” is forced upon.

Ms Hirsi was asked this question: You’ve dismissed accusations that you’re lashing out because of childhood traumas. So why write a memoir graphically detailing the abuse you and your siblings suffered?

Her answer: ” It became important to say  Okay you guys keep accusing me of using my past. Let me tell you my story, and my story shows that I do not blame the death of my sister on Islam. I do not blame female genitalia mutilation on Islam. My whole awakening was triggered by the the eleventh of September and it did not affect only me, it affected a lot of people.

IYBC as you read “Infidel” even though there are clearly culture differences, but there was marriage issues, rebellion in children, divorce, adultery ect, the list goes on. We have the very same issues here in Augusta, GA

Ms Ayann Hirsi Ali was forced to marry a man who was chosen by her father, so she ran away. Is it fair to “target” the man who asked her father for her hand in marriage, because of the culture he did not have to ask her, but her father is the one who forced her to marry him.

IYBC what are your thoughts??







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