“Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hello IYBC,

“Only one side of the story” this is a view-point shared by Lorraine Ali, she wrote this article for the “The Newsweek Daily Beast Company February 2007

Hirsi Ali is more a hero among Islamophobes than Islamic women. That’s problematic considering she describes herself in “Infidel” as a woman who fights for the rights of Muslim women the enlightenment of Islam and the security of the West. How can you change the lives of your former sisters and work toward reform, when you forged a career upon renouncing the religion and insulting its followers? Hirsi Ali says over hauling Islam is not her responsibility: she just lays out “the subjective: at one point she chracterizes”every devout Muslim who aspires to practice genuine Islam” as a follower of the Muslim Brotherhood. That may have been true in Hirsi Ali’s experience, but it hardly speaks for globes 1.3 billion other followers/ It’s ironic that this would be “infidel” often sounds as single-minded and reactionary as the zealots she’s worked so hard to oppose.

IYBC what do you think about Lorraine Ali’s point of view?

Do you think Ayaan Hirsi Ali is trying to speak for all Muslims in her book “Infidel”?


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