” Infidel” Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hello IYBC,

It is very evident that as we read “Infidel” women have no rights. There validation and quality of life is controlled by men. She is ruled by her father, then he chooses a husband for her.

“Baari” is like a pious slave she honors her husband’s family, she feeds them without question or complaint, she never whines, she is strong in service, she keeps her head bowed he has the right to rape and beat her, and marry as many women as he wants to. She is devoted to her husband,she is a well-trained work horse.

IYBC I am curious to know how much of this is culture or religion. The faith of the Somalian people is Muslim. It would be unfair to say that all men who practice the Muslim faith treat women as they don’t exist.

IYBC lets reflect on the Christian faith do some men interpret the scriptures to justify how they treat women or their wives?

What about the woman is who is abused in a marriage or relationship she is a prime example of a ” Baari ” woman. Let’s not forget about the woman who is a prostitute that is exploited sexually by her pimp.

IYBC there many facets to the Muslim faith, just as they are to the Christian faith.

What are your thoughts? What is the culture? Is tradition a factor?

What is the common denominator of the Muslim faith verses the Christian faith?

Women’s medical care, birth control and equal pay is in the news and headlines, are we on our way to being ” Baari” women?









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3 Responses to ” Infidel” Ayaan Hirsi Ali

  1. chocolateamethyst says:

    Hello IYBC,

    I am really enjoying this book, it is dfficult to read about her childhood, She was severely abused by her mother and grandmother, this really suprised me, I just did not expect to read this in her memoir. I don’t what else a man could do to her after reading what her mother and grandmother put her through, In retrospect Ayaan’s mother is only treating her the way her mother treated her.

    The book is very detailed, Ayaan Hirsi Ali does a excellent job explaining about the Muslim Religion, the traditions and customs of the “clans” that the people belong to. I l learned so much each page has so much history.

    • It really seems like this is a generational thing that is passed down. Her grandmother was the one who I first thought was going to be the one who really shaped her character. I can’t imagine going through all of this.

      much of this I think is based on more culture than religion. I remember my great grand parents telling me stories of how many of them did not pick their spouses. When they came of age they knew who they would end up marrying. It was like they were specially groomed for each other.

      Ayana Hirsi Ali really get to the heart of the religion and culture. Of the details that I have read so far, it is no wonder that she would have a target on her head. It took a lot of courage to tell this story.

  2. chocolateamethyst says:

    I totally agree with you, it took courage to tell this story, We are truly blessed to be born Black women in the USA.

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