“A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton

“Maybe next time you will have a daddy”

Hello IYBC,

These are the words of Quinn, Steve Pemberton’s son who was the inspiration that challenged him to write his book ” A Chance In The World” 17 May 2012 IYBC had the honor and pleasure of hearing his story when he “skyped” in with us. This was truly a “gift” that was delivered with grace, honesty, and humbleness. We witness this first hand because we  has some technical difficulties as we attempted to “skype” in Mr.Pemberton that resulted in a 45 minute delay. Mr. Pemberton could have told us “sorry maybe next time” he is in fact Divisional Vice-President and Chief Diversity Officer for Walgreens, the first person to hold that responsibility on the company’s 110-year history.

Mr Steve Pemberton waited patiently with out irritation.  The moment that we have finally been looking forward to all month finally came. ” A  Chance In The World” came alive with courage, strength and love.

Mr. Pemberton is indeed a survivor, but he made it very clear his life is shaped in “victory” He is man who intentionally and deliberately manifest that poverty, mental and physical abuse was his catalyst to declare and claim his “Chance In The World”.  He made it very clear ” Do not feel sorry for me” but this IYBC book club discussion is going to be about the “celebration and motivation” of who he is now and not what happened to him as child. The tone was set.

Mr. Pemberton first of all is a man who loves God. He has an intense love for his wife Tonya and their three children. He would not hesitate to give his life for them. We could feel the wealth of love, but also the “protectiveness” that is cemented in his spirit, he is accountable for his family. no excuses.

Mr. Pemberton is a natural-born leader, he is straight forward and you know exactly where stands. He is very concerned about all men and made it very clear that there are areas that need to be addressed, in other words there is “no free get out of jail card” we just simply need to get our act together, and belive me Mr.Pemberton will not have a problem advising you. no excuses.

Mr Pemberton shared with us “forgiveness” is his success story, in order for him to “live” and not be mentally chained to his past. He stepped out of  his comfort zone and found out his parents were “severely fragmented” themselves. He reached out to his past to find brothers and sisters resisted his presence, even to the point of racism, this only made Steve Pemberton love them more.

Mr. Steve Pemberton knows that without doubt that his childhood was “deliberate” It if took lack of proper shelter, food, extreme physical and mental abuse. So be it, I am here now, I am not going anywhere, I am Steve Pemberton. My circumstances propelled and prepared me. The Steve Pemberton that we listened to would not change one event or even one breath from his past, it shaped him into who he is today and what he will become tomorrow. ” A Chance In The World”


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