” A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton

“A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton IYBC meeting 17 May 2012 6:30 pm

by chocolateamethyst

“CHANCE” The unknown and unpredictable element that causes an event to result in a certain way. Rather than spoken of as a real force. A possibility of probability to take a risk, gamble, opportunity.The extent of an event that is likely going to occur.

Hello IYBC,

“A Chance In The World” is a personal memoir by Steve Pemberton, The Title of his book is equally powerful as the of the word “CHANCE” It is taken for granted and expected than when we are born we are entitled to a “Chance” after all we did not ask to be born, so the probability of the possibility that is automatically the risk we cash in, because life chose us, so just give me a minute to catch my breath as I take this “CHANCE”

Steve Pemberton’s “CHANCE” was decided for him with abandonment, physical and mental abuse. He like so many children that are raised in foster homes, because the parents are unable to provide a stable environment. Children that are raised in the homes with their parents suffer the same consequences also.

IYBC when you read “A Chance In The World” you are going to experience the total obliteration of a child’s life and you will get angry, cry or even put the book down for couple of minutes, hug yourself because you will feel the pain and hurt this child felt in volumes.

When you read ” A Chance In The World” you are going to ask yourself how did this happen with all the laws we have that are in place to protect children?

What happen to his parents, siblings relatives? or just a concerned person”

This book is about the survival of Steve Pemberton so he could get a “Chance”

Physical, mental abuse and abandonment is the perfect recipe for prison,drugs alcohol, no education. Steve Pemberton had the perfect excuse to fail, he did not have to be accountable he is qualified to be a menace to society. He gets a pass to be unproductive and irresponsible .

How dare he declare to the world I am here, I don’t know the meaning of can’t

Steve Pemberton never ask for a second chance.

He just wanted ” A Chance In The World”

I humbly petition your support on 17 May 2012 6:30 pm at the Augusta Richmond County Public Library 1st floor 823 Telfair St, Augusta Ga 30901. We have the honor and privileged of Mr. Steve Pemberton discussing his personal memoir, he will Skype in with IYBC, we will be on the 1st floor and will utilize the large screen that will compliment the view of this occasion. Please invite family and friends as we celebrate the survival and the success of Mr. Steve Pemberton.

I thank you for your commitment to IYBC, Please take the “Chance” to be encouraged as you read the phenomenal memoir.













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