” A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton

Hello IYBC,

“Hello is Steve there?” This was Betty Robinson his foster-mother calling him to inquire about his well-being?  IYBC did you find this curious or shocking?

“You wanted to get out in dem streets, be free and live how you wanted to live” IYBC what could she possibly mean?

Do you think Betty Robinson and her family are oblivious  to the reality that they neglected Steve of the bare necessity’s of life?

Do you think this is an extreme case of denial or ignorance? IYBC people who abuse children need “therapy” just as much as the child, do they deserve our compassion just as much as the child they abused. Do you think they can be cured of this psychotic behavior?


Was this a “guilt trip” to exonerate herself from her role as a “child abuser”?




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