” Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton

Hello IYBC,

I was listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show a of years ago, the question was “What was the worst “whooping” you ever received by your parents. People called in trying to top each other experience’s It was amazing to me how they spoke of getting beat with electric cords, tree branches, switches with thorns. One man recalled that his father had slapped him so hard on the right side of his head he lost his hearing in  his right ear for about a week. This was a funny topic to listeners that  called in.

People felt like that they deserved to this style of corporal punishment and that they were successful because of it. IYBC what are your thoughts?

IYBC this lady called in and said it was a shame that we don’t realize that this was child abuse, and some instances battery. IYBC do you agree with her?

” A Chance In The World” by Steve Pemberton story is about the child abuse he went through, I know his circumstances as a child were different, but when it come to punishing a child for being opposing and disrespectful to your authority do we have the right as parents to deliver that penalty for their behavior in this fashion just because we provide food, shelter and clothing?

IYBC do you think we should psychically spank our children?





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