“A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton

” I just need somewhere to go until I get to college”

When I was reading ” A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton would not let me feel sorry for him, I know I was upset many times, but I kept reading. Steve Pemberton narrates his words as  a”winner” he just refuses to give up. He lives above his circumstances, and keeps looking  forward.

There were many people in Steve’s life that supported him, The custodial staff that worked at Boston College, they were Dave, Tony, and Jimmy. Steve’s freshman year of college was very challenging,  GPA, syllabus was foreign to him. He did not know how to take notes, choose his classes. He did not know how to manage his time or discern what was the priority when he was studying or doing home work.

These deficits that he faced question his ability to succeed. He worked a summer job with the custodial crew they were his mentors. They took pride in their jobs. Steve stated that maybe he should work with them in the fall since college was not going as well as he planned. They encouraged Steve and promised him a swift kick in the pants if he even thought about dropping out of school. Well Steve got the lesson loud and clear.

These three men in one summer nurtured and loved Steve, they were his mentors.I believe that God is the “designer of “left overs” God used three men to   remind Steve that he was intelligent, handsome, and his life is waiting for him. Most of all they re-focused him back to his blessings and would not let him develop a defeated spirit. Naturally  he wanted the comfort and attention of his parents, but God gave Steve what he needed for this season in his life a loving example of parents, that will support you, and give you a dose of tough love.


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