“A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton

Hello IYBC,

I hope most of you are past the horrible abuse Steve suffered at the hands of the Robinson family, I am still amazed the hold that they had on him, they obviously did not want him, but felt in their twisted minds that he was their financial property. What are your thoughts on a “Chance In The World” by  Steve Pemberton.

This was Steve’s attitude ” During this time, how ever my main preoccupation was academics. I knew as I always had always know ,that a lot rode on attending college. My desire to attend college had driven me more than anything else to risk all in escaping the Robinson’s and I was not going to let anything or anybody or anyone get in my way. I had strengths in the class room, including the ability to think quickly honed from the years of daily battles for survival. I’d decided in middle school that I was going to Boston College and the intervening years had not changed that”

IYBC this was Steve’s attitude after being starved, mentally and physically abused, he lived in poverty in a basement. IYBC  why is that some children let their circumstances determine their future and other’s don’t? I know that there are many people who have survived similar circumstances such as Steve’s. There are thousands of books that tell us why our youth end up in jail, their lives start with no parents or one, alcohol, drugs and poverty leads to lack of education. I know we can’t save all the children that are born into a negative situation from birth.

How do we educate them to live with poverty, drugs, lack of food and clothing, but still keep up your grades up, read so that you can ignore the hunger pains. Keep walking on your way to school with your eyes straight ahead so you won’t see the drug dealers and the alcoholics to your left and right.

IYBC I wish there could be a vaccine called “Steve Pemberton” and inoculate each child when they are born.


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