“A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton

Hello IYBC,

” A Chance In The World” by Steve Pemberton , is a book that puts ” Social Services ” on trial. Do you think that the work load was so over whelming that their only concern was just putting a roof over the head of  Steve? This was all they could do and just hope the love and care he needed would eventually fall in to place with anyone one.

Do you think Social Services purposely turned a “blind eye” or did they just ignore their conscious because the reality was to over whelming, because there were thousands of “Steves” they had to over see. Steve did not have the luxury of thinking of all the parameters that interpret a conclusion, he was Steve and ask the question did I do something wrong by being born?

IYBC is if fair to expect the social workers to care and nurture Steve when his own parents would not, they were the ones who brought him into this world ,they made a conscious decision to have sex, this was their child. I often hear teachers, churches complain that parents do not take an active role in raising their children. Do you think there is difference between nurturing and raising a child? Do we as a society  have an unrealistic view of what is expected of any one of us as parents, even under the best of circumstances there are challenges, and we can say we are just human, I did the very best I could, Should we afford Steves’s parents the same opportunity even though they did abandon him or is that just for parents who take responsiblity to raise their children and make mistakes in their parenting  skills.

The formative years and nurturing that Steve needed to develop were replaced with pure neglect, that isolated him. He was in pure survival mode. This is just pure torture, he is fighting for his life. This does not keep him from wondering who and where are my real parents, isn’t it ironic that he still has this connection?

Do you think that his survival to find his parents was one of the factors that was key that focused his spirit to stay alive, just to ask the question because he needs to give them the benefit of doubt I know there is a good reason why you abandoned me? Hope and dreams are surreal even in dire circumstances.

IYBC what are your thoughts.



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