“A Chance In The World” Steve Pemberton

Hello IYBC,

I know that getting through the chapters of Steve’s childhood is is difficult. IYBC what are your thoughts as you read about his childhood? Do you think of your own children? what if you decided to leave or your children removed from your home because of an unstable environment what do you think would happen to them?  When I was reading the torture that was administered by his foster family ” I kept asking God where are you? Child abuse is a cancer in the human race. and what is ironic is that most people who abused their children were abused themselves.

IYBC why does this vicious cycle keep re- inventing? If I know what it is liked to be starved, mentally and physically abused, why would I turn around  and treat my children the same way?


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  1. theodoretutson says:

    Looking forward to our monthly meeting

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