“Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone”

High Yella, Brown Skinned, Charcoal Black,

Any variation can come when you’re REACHING BACK

Love and Betrayal, Desertion from the pact

Any variation can come when you’re REACHING BACK

Love once lost, And love will come back

Any variation can come when you’re REACHING BACK

Where you’ve been, And the thrones on which you’ve sat, Living your destiny

And being sure not to re-act, The past is gone, Unless you turn back

Any variation can come when you’re REACHING BACK

Hello IYBC,

This poem was written by Kimberly Grant, and recited by Renee Coleman at the IYBC meeting.The poem speaks volumes about the foundation of the novel “Reaching Back” by Nea Anna Simone. This was our April 2012 book club selection chosen by Renee Coleman our facilitator for the evening. Renee thank you for introducing” ourselves to our conscious” you shared with IYBC your history of your own family’s pain and secrets that still exist as you choose to challenge the truth. This created an atmosphere of safety and simply put “Lets Get Real”  “Reaching Back” is a novel that Renee refused to hide behind and would not let IYBC use it as a smoke screen to dismiss that fact all families at some point have issues of color,rape,incest and physical abuse and secretes. IYBC as you are “Reaching Back” and “Passing” through your own experiences, just know we are all “Works in Progress”  I really thought this was going to be an evening of strong opinions and let’s just call it a truce. I saw IYBC talk about the concerns I only addresses 3:00 am in the morning in my mind. I will not speak on it when I get up. This was a rare IYBC meeting that “beg the differ” and my agenda for the evening was to  examine myself.I did read “Reaching Back” I blogged with a vengeance, but I am tasked with telling my story, IYBC the novel “Reaching Back” reminds us that we are the “editors” that write our own novel, we are all open books, we are caretakers of the words that ultimately “read” our life, the “end” is on you.


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