“Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone

Hello IYBC

If there was a question that you would ask Ms Nea Anna Simone, the author of the novel “Reaching Back” what would it be? or any other comments on her novel

I do understand that the foundation of this novel is about four generations of women that “leaned” on their complexion of their skin as the key to a successful life. I personally feel if you are going to addresses the “complexion war “even in a fiction the origin is important. The struggles with our complexion is a “menace” in the black race, but lets not forget it started with slavery, “light-skinned” worked in the homes of slaves owners and dark-skinned worked  in the fields. This was a recipe that “rooted” a divide with in our race. Our self-esteem was stripped to the point of non-existence so this started the complexion war because what the slave owners thought of us was our validation that  we were human.

“Reaching Back” has started the healing process with conversation, there was a time when this subject was only spoken in “hush-hush” conversation at family reunions.I know all of us no matter what our complexion is have a “story” to tell about how we were treated by our own family, friends and the black community. The scars never heal because we hold  on to the “pain” that my own black people have hurt the very essence of my spirit and that is for some of us unforgivable.

Emancipation Day in Washington D.C. is April 16 that observes the “signing” of the Proclamation for the freedom of slaves, also “Juneteenth” is a month of celebration for black people to reflect on our freedom. If we are still holding ourselves hostage to the beautiful shades of color we born with, we put our selves back on the “plantation” that we were physically freed from, but mentally give life to “passing” and “reaching back” with a mind-set of hatred envy and jealousy for the complexion of our own skin,  we have cemented our minds that “Still Waters Run Deep”



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