“Reaching Back” IYBC meeting 19 April 2012 6:30 pm

Hello IYBC,

I have throughly enjoyed reading the novel “Reaching Back” by Nea Anna Simone. It is a novel of fiction that displays the reality of the “complexion war” with a recipe that thirst for “drama” when you marry for all the wrong reasons. Rape, incest, lies, and adultery blurs the lives of four generations of a family.

“Reaching Back” challenges us to explore our past so we can write our own history.

When you read “Reaching Back” what did the title of the book mean to you when after you read it?

Rene Coleman  the facilitator for the novel “Reaching Back” by Nea Anna Simone will guide us through the process of becoming “one with our conscious” I look forward to exploring and listening to the comments and thoughts of all of the IYBC members. Please show your support on 19 April 2012 at 6:30 pm at the Augusta Richmond County Public Library 3rd floor 823 Telfair St, Augusta GA 30901. please remember that all new members are always welcome. This is a book club that is open to men and women.

IYBC thank you for your support and commitment to this awesome book club.


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