“Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone” 19 April 2012 IYBC meeting

Hello IYBC,

I wonder if Carrie will divorce Logan and marry her childhood love John?

Is Ruth Megan’s Daughter? is so she is Carrie’s Sister. When Carrie told Ruth the truth about her mother, was this her responsibility? Well we know what happened. Do you think if Carrie would have handled it differently the outcome  would have been positive, Do you think the hatred they had for each other was the problem?

Do you think Eddie Carrie’s son has any respect for his father Logan? The church failed miserably, they were divided in color also. Pastors having relationships with men and women outside their marriage was accepted, “nothing new under the sun”

Black Gal was A name Eddie call Ana because she was light brown? Did this mean she failed the “paper” bag test.

Did Clark (CP) ever find out that Stella was his biological mother? Is he being raised as a white child or black? His mother Maggie was mentally ill, mainly due to the abuse in her childhood, but when we look at the big picture and everything that happen to her rape, mental and physical abuse CP was her saving grace, what little love she knew she gave to CP even though she was abusive to him as well. This was so sad, she killed her husband, do you think she should have left when Stella gave her CP by default. Do you think this saved her life and gave her a sense of purpose even it was flawed from the beginning?

IYBC do think that Stella choose her life as a white woman over her child? what other options she could have chosen? what would you do if you were Stella? I mean really this was an opportunity to “come clean” for her husband, she has given birth to his child, so do you think if she knew he had a “weakness” for black women and to save her marriage she would have told the truth, she really was a black woman? Did he ever find out that she was black? So much Drama!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Odell “passing” in Hollywood? why did she feel she had to leave? What did do she and her sisters Sophia have in common? Did Sophia pass for white

Sophia was bitter?  Do you think she got pregnant on purpose?

Eddie’s example on how to treat a woman came from his father Logan, do you think he saw him more as a hypocrite or a sorry husband and father.

Was Ana John’s child or Logan’s, why was Logan so indifferent to Ana? Did Logan deserve to have a stroke?

Mignon has left her husband, after reading the history of her family do you think she will return to their marriage? How do you think she will feel after reaching the journal’s her mother Ana gave her, will this leave an impact on her life and decisions she will make in the future for children and her?

Louise was Carrie’s friend she assisted  her with the excursions when she wanted to see John, was this dis-respectful to Carrie’s husband even though he was abusive to her? Do we need a “Louise” when we are going through changes in our marriages?

This is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the novel “Reaching Back” There are so many talk points that relate to family’s secrets, drama, love, lust and lies. This book addresses the “complexion war’ that rages in the black race, what is it going to take for us get pass this. This novel is a good example on how slavery affected the black race mentally.

Rene Coleman is our facilitator for the novel “Reaching” Back by Nea Anna Simone Please show your support on 19 April 2012 at 6:30 pm 3rd floor at the Augusta Richmond County Public Library. This going to be an exciting evening of diverse conversation among friends. New members men and women are always welcome.





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