“Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone”

Hello IYBC,

There always classes and work shops on Diversity especially when it comes to race. Do you think that as a black race, we need diversity teaching about the color of our own complexion’s I must admit after reading “Reaching Back” I have more of sense of awareness about the “complexion war”

Do you think that black people now harbor feelings of resentment on how they have been treated by other black people, but will say I am OK. Do you think that family is the source of this attitude or society?

IYBC do think that the texture of our hair coincides with the complexion of our skin? Is hair just as much as a concern for black people, or is it “complexion”?

IYBC if you were given a choice to choose the complexion of your skin or the texture of your hair which one would you choose? This choice is based on quality of life?

What complexion of Black people you think have more struggles when it comes to the color of their skin?

IYBC do think that some black people really just want to be to be White?

These are some of the questions that I pondered on as I read “Reaching Back” what were some of yours?

IYBC do you think we still harbor a “slave mentality” when it comes to the complexion of our skin, even though we are a free race of people? Why is the spirit of slavery still thriving in our minds when it comes to complexion and hair?



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