“Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone

Hello IYBC,

Sofia who is one of Carrie’s daughter has a affair with a David a rich white man who is married to Stella. She is passing for white, she is Carries’s sister. She is married to a man that prefers black women for pleasure only. What do you think what was going through her mind, knowing that she is a black woman?

IYBC do you thinks she regrets “passing” for white now?

IYBC what is your opinion of David?

Sofia’s daughter Angel’s, David is her father, but he would never marry a black women. He could not afford to loose his inheritance or his position in the community.

Do you think Sofia got what she deserved?  David was married.

Both of these women had self esteem issues, do you think they realized that respect was more important than the complexion of their skin?

Why did the color of their skin let them down, this was their ticket to validation what happened?

What are your thoughts?


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