” Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone

Hello IYBC,

In the beginning chapters Megan gives birth to Carrie who was born with brown skin because her grandmother had brown skin. Megan had fair white skin, so of course this was a issue when Carrie was born. It took her four days to name Carrie because she was so depressed that her husband Jesse would not accept Carrie because of her brown skin. She also knew in her world that complexion was the key to a comfortable life. She also knew that because of her fair white skin was the only reason that she was accepted socially in the first place. She even felt betrayed by Carrie’s brown skin, which made it harder for her to demonstrate affection toward Carrie.  Her place in society would change because her friends who were fair white would not accept her because of her daughters Carrie brown complexion

Her husband Jesse loved  Carrie regardless of her complexion, but that was not enough because Megan had married a fair white man, she was fair white, but the DNA “reached back”

Does this mean she was not maternal? she had a child so her “hawk instincts” should have surfaced automatically. If a woman gets pregnant  for the ulterior motives the love for her child is second. This is not true for all women, the same for men who hoping his partner will give birth to a boy, but when she gives birth to a girl he treats her like boy, gives her a masculine name or just ignores her through her formative years. The generational curse is broken sometimes, but many times the cycle continues.

IYBC I look forward to your thoughts and comments 



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One Response to ” Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone

  1. A woman in the past year wrote a book about deciding not to be a mother anymore. She was looked at with disgust from most people in the audience, but the sad thing is she was only saying what many women feel. Not everyone who has a child is fit to be a mother! Women despise their kids because of skin color, who their father is, or simply because they feel trapped due to all the responsibility. I would much rather a woman do like this author did and separate from her kids rather than mistreat them.

    I tell you IYBC I am about done with all this cruelty to kids and death/murder of children in these books! My son had a 103.5 temperature the very morning I read about Edward! I had to put the book down and regain my composure. Yall might have to start censoring the parts of the book that are cause me distress about my babies!!!! LOL!!!

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