“Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone

Hello IYBC,

I have just completed reading Reaching Back by Nea Anna Simone and if you want Drama and secrets, this is the book for you.  This novel is about  four generations of women and their struggles with their color, that had a severe impact on the decisions which drastically influenced their life.  The book is fiction, but the words are true today. These women are very fair in color, their goal in life  is to marry a white man or some one close to their color. Reaching Back in my opinion explains that this issue was based on survival and quality of life that these women  wanted for them selves and their children.  I can understand any woman wanting a secure future for their children ect, but at the expense of totally walking away from your family, ignoring your roots that truly say you are Black even if you know for a fact that a white woman or man is the parent?  IYBC is this a form of brain washing that still plagues the black race in our families, churches, jobs?

IYBC do we as a race have the right  to complain about racism when we have issues in our race?  There are law suits filed now that are based on light- and dark complexions in our  race of Black people.  These issues raise up in church, relationships, marriages and our jobs. Morehouse and Spelman Collages were started based on the complexion of black people along with the history of fraternity’s and sororities.

IYBC do you think that this issue is more of a concern to women?  Why don’t we ever hear of men writing books about the struggles that they have with their complexions in the black race?

Do you think that other races prefer a certain complexion that pertains to black people?

IYBC what complexion of black people are more vocal about the color of their skin?

Well IYBC this book as you can tell  will strike up some diverse comments

What are your thoughts?  Do we have a problem that we need to addresses?


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One Response to “Reaching Back” Nea Anna Simone

  1. Wow. I really could not put this book down! I read it in a day and a half, which is unusual for this slow reader. It was a good. I have to say it would not have been a book I would have chosen to read had I not been in the book club, and I am truly grateful for the experience. That is why we are here after all…….. for exposure, fun, and a chance to exercise our minds.

    Leasher posed many interesting questions. I really look forward to our dialogue because these are the very questions I have been asking myself for years. It is funny how many of us a black people complain about the mistreatment of our race, but I have to say I have had my fair share of bruises from my own people over skin color. My mother was dark, my father was fair and they had both dark and light children. Color was never an issue for me until I came down south and was ostracized for the most ridiculous reasons! I really found the book to be a sad reminder of the blight we bring upon ourselves. I believe enough of us know where the disconnect with color began, but we silently endure and promote these idiotic standards that separate us as people. At the end of the day we are all black people and that is what is most important.

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