Reaching Back by Nea Anna Simone

Hello IYBC,

“Reaching Back” by Nea Anna Simone is an eye opener” I am on chapter 5, I am just amazed in how color in our own race is still an issue, what I like about this novel is that it really explains the intricate details of the mind-set of black people who struggle with own complexion.  My thought process is why do you think and feel this way?  How did you arrive at this point? this book boldly addresses the insecurity of black people that draw their strength from color and status.  I wonder if “Reaching Back” will expel that this thought process is form of mental slavery that until we understand how we arrived at this point, we will continue to have division with in our race I look forward to being educated as I read this novel.

IYBC have you started reading “Reaching Back” ? The term reaching back was used by our own race that was reference when a child’s complexion was darker or lighter than his parents his birth reached back into the DNA of  that generation. The child carried the burden of “color” they were just simply born.  I look forward to your thoughts as the characters in this novel reminisces our own family history.



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