“Is Marriage For White People”

Hello IYBC,

I have completed reading “Is Marriage For White People” In all honesty I must commend Mr. Banks for addressing such a controversial topic. I have throughly enjoyed the read. The flow of the book is very interesting, he does a excellent job of pointing out pure facts about marriage and the challenges of relationships, but then when you get to Chapter 8 in my personal opinion the book takes a dramatic twist. I would like to propose a question to Mr. Banks as a black man, are you tired of all of the “drama” that some black men bring to women’s lives? Have you given up on the black man?  I look forward to  your answers with a open mind.










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One Response to “Is Marriage For White People”

  1. chocolateamethyst says:

    I was hoping that when I completed reading “Is Marriage For White People” all at once
    the perfect man would appear before me, because I felt after buying, bloging, and
    struggling with some of the content that is the least could happen(LOL)
    I have a idea all single women should pull together and state we will no longer
    read another book about our “demise” unless a man appears, Ladies “School
    is out”. Demand these authors produce a man for us since they claim to have
    so much insight and compassion for us. The answer to our situation is a MAN
    not another book, we read their views about a life we are living as they settle
    back in their world with a sigh of relief they are not apart of ours.

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