Is Marriage for White People? (Post from Author)

The discussion of interracial relationships in my book, Is Marriage for White People?, should not be as controversial as it is. The core question is a simple one: should black women be able, without guilt or criticism, to exercise the same range of options in selecting a partner that members of other groups take for granted?  Or must they allow the marginalization of black men to make victims of them too?

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7 Responses to Is Marriage for White People? (Post from Author)

  1. We are looking forward to the discussion and appreciate you taking time for It’s your Book club. Welcome.

    • Hello Professor Banks! I am so excited to welcome you to our blog. I will be the facilitator for your book and I am so looking forward to having you join us via skype on the 15th.

      I am thoroughly enjoying your book thus far and I certainly agree with your comment. It should not be as controversial as it appears to be. You have laid out the facts and your solution is logical.

      Thanks again for your participation. My birthday is the 15th and having you with us will be a special gift for me and the entire book club.

  2. chocolateamethyst says:

    Professor Banks IYBC and I are more than honored that you have chosen
    our book club to converse with.

  3. chocolateamethyst says:

    Hello Professor Banks,
    I do agree with you that race should not be a controversial issue, but really
    all in all no matter who we marry or date if it is for the wrong reasons the
    relationship stands a good chance of failing, we have a “additude” problem
    The book is on point so far, enjoying the read .

  4. chocolateamethyst says:

    Hello Professor Black,
    I am enjoying your “read” “Is Marriage For Black People” I’m reading “Beyond race”
    chapter 8, The subtitle is “The Consequences of Not Going Out”
    Professor Black how does “going out” or “marrying out” protect black women
    from STD’s, abortion, and single parent-hood? Are you saying that man of a
    different race that is educated, I will be immune or as you say
    “bypass many of these hazards” the reward, I don’t get to be alone?
    I really take issue with that, I look foward to your response.
    This is controversial to me.

  5. georgiabulldog2012 says:

    I’m georgiabulldogs2012 bookclub member iybc

    • chocolateamethyst says:

      Welcome I look forward to blogging with you. What do you think about the book
      “Is Marriage For White People”? Dr.Banks will be “skype” with us on
      15 March 2012 7:00pm IYBC members will be there at 6:30pm, see you on Thursday.

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