12 YeaRS A Slave

Good morning IYBC!
Is Marriage for White People? By Ralph Richards Banks. This is our book for the month of March! Many of you may have heard of this book which was released late last year.  Essentially, it encourages successful black women to marry outside their race instead of settling for marrying “down” in order to stay within their race. Banks has some intriguing hypotheses about how this practice can ultimately improve the relationship between black men and women and ultimately the entire black community.
I saw Banks in an interview and I knew I had to read this book because of the reaction of the male interviewer. Reporters are expected to take a neutral approach; however, it was obvious this educated black man was appalled by many points in Banks’ book. The second thing I found appealing was the fact that a black man is telling black women that they need to leave the brothers alone! How ironic is that?
One thing I can say is get ready for some controversy. In all the reviews I’ve read, I have found no middle of the road feelings about this book. People either love it or hate it. It is a very short read, but apparently Mr. Banks is saying something that is leaving a lasting impression.
I ask that everyone reflect upon their feelings concerning interracial relationships, and the condition of the relationship between the black man and the black woman. Know your stance on the subject and let’s see if Mr. Banks can change our minds, or reassure us of our present beliefs.
Thank you all for your time, and I look forward to having a wonderful time blogging on the subject and then meeting in march to find out how YOU really feel about Is Marriage for White People?


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