Our First Meeting @ Augusta Public Library

We will have our first meeting at our new location on January 19, 2012.  Join us in the 3rd floor meeting room for a lively discussion.

You will be able to pick up and pay for your t-shirts and get more information about Dr. Black’s visit.

See you there!


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4 Responses to Our First Meeting @ Augusta Public Library

  1. Tonya Burdette says:

    Hello IYBC members and Future Members, I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on tomorrow.

  2. Tonya Burdette says:

    Hello “IYBC”,
    We are going to have a very exciting year. We have a new place to have our “Diverse Dialogue with Passion”, T-Shirts and we got new members, not to mention all of the exciting things we already have going this month.

    Please be sure to invite guest to the monthly meetings. Who ever has the most guest attend the February Meeting as we discuss “Twelve Years a Slave” will receive a gift, so start inviting.

  3. Leasher Robinson says:

    Hello I am Leasher Robinson, President of “It’s Your Book Club” please join us
    every 3rd Thursday 6:30pm for a evening of thought provoking conversation

  4. I hope I was finally able to give everyone author priveledges on the blog. You should be able to post and edit your comments now without my approval. Please remember that we are all connected to the library’s web page and all our comments are visible to the world.

    Hope you all have a great meeting and I hope to join you for the next book: Is Marriage for White People?

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